The Acropolitan Oct – Dec 2014


the_acropolitan_oct_dec_2014Dear Reader,
With this first issue of The Acropolitan, we endeavour to bring to you inspiration from ancient traditions, in the form of advice and practical solutions to improving the human condition. Beyond advances in technology, scientific discovery, and medicine, and developments in various faculties, we continue to ask the same fundamental questions about human purpose and destiny, that ancient civilizations pondered. Their investigations led them to answers that are still astonishingly relevant to our times.

Our context offers us a specific opportunity to revive idealism as an approach to life, not just as a utopian concept, but as a practical ability to improve the world around us. In this issue we explore the meaning of Idealism in the present-day scenario, and investigate attempts of Idealists, both ancient and contemporary, who have invested time and effort to engage with Life, and make a true difference. Perhaps the work of these exemplary few, can inspire many many more. We dedicate this first issue of the acropolitan to the founder, and First International President, of International Organization New Acropolis, Professor Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi

The Editorial Team

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