UNESCO World Philosophy Day 2014


On 15th November 2014, New Acropolis in Mumbai commemorated UNESCO World Philosophy Day 2014 by hosting a lecture entitled “Renaissance: Here & Now”. The talk introduced the historical context in which the Renaissance blossomed in Europe, shedding light on the possibility of a similar cultural revival in our own post-modern times.

Tracing through the inspirational work of artists, musicians, architects and astronomers during the period of the renaissance, it was proposed that the revival of Philosophical values was central to the movement. This revolutionary movement was indeed set into motion by just a handful of “Renaissance Men”.Perhaps such a philosophical renewal is necessary and possible, again today in order to give rise to a Golden Age in our present times.

About UNESCO World Philosophy Day
The first clause of UNESCO’s constitution reads “since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.” To achieve this, it was necessary to develop contacts and exchanges so that mutual knowledge and understanding can progress and open the way for the moral and intellectual solidarity of the human race, which is the only way to ensure lasting and real peace.
As a result, UNESCO tried to spread, implement, and even popularize an international philosophical culture, which was meant to reinforce respect for the human person, love of peace, hatred of narrow-minded nationalism and of the reign of strength, solidarity and commitment to an ideal of culture. To this end, World Philosophy Day is marked every November.