The Acropolitan Jan – Mar 2015


acropolitanjan-mar2015Dear Reader,
Today the faculty of philosophy is thought to be academic, intellectual, and theoretical, and is often considered boring and irrelevant to daily life. However, a deeper understanding of the word ‘philosophy’ dispels this notion; it loosely translates to a love for wisdom. How can love be theoretical or intellectual? How can wisdom be irrelevant to our lives?
The force of love is a force of attraction, a natural yearning, that binds the lover to an object. It is the same force that drives the dancer to express aesthetic form in her every posture. It is the same force that impels great author-poets like Shakespeare to explore human nature through the wizardry of words. And maybe, it is the same force that caused ancient sculptors to express divine archetypes through their craft.
Perhaps this love for wisdom is the highest form of love that human beings are capable of. Perhaps it is the only true path to wisdom; the only true way to improve our world. This issue traces through a variety of experiments – investigations into the true nature of Philosophy – to discover, awaken, and transform our lives.

The Editorial Team

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