Public Lecture: Exploring themes related to the Reality of Dreams


The New Acropolis Center in Mumbai hosted a public lecture on 14th March 2015. This was attended by 40 guests and explored the mysterious subject of “Dreams”.

The lecture spoke of this intimate human experience and its relationship with our “awake” lives. Scientific elements related to dreams and common “Dream Themes” were presented. An interaction with the audience indicated that there is indeed some pattern to dreams!

Anecdotes shared from the Egyptian and Buddhist traditions related to dreams indicated a completely different paradigm to look at our lives with respect to dreams.

The Greek representation of the human being and its correlation to the theories of Freud and Carl Jung on the subject were explored to understand better the role that dreams play in our lives. It was suggested that dreams could be a way for us to better reach out to our higher-self if we bring more meaning into our actions when we are awake.