Ankor the Last Prince of Atlantis


Book Description:
Nearly 12,000 years ago, so Plato and other traditions say, a single island was all that remained of the once vast continent of Atlantis.

Although few modern historians believe that any forms of civilization existed in such far-off times, universal traditions speak of “floods” which destroyed large areas of land inhabited by people as technologically developed as ourselves and in some cases, more endowed with wisdom.

Written in the form of a novel, this book charts the final years of the realm of “Poseidonis”, as some writers have referred to it. Ankor, the orphaned son of the last initiate-king of Atlantis, is educated by wise priests who prepare him for his terrifying “initiations” into “Mysteries”.

This book is far more than a novel. It provides a vivid insight into the world of a forgotten mystery tradition – forgotten today, but perhaps, who knows? – familiar to the soul of the reader…

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