Concentration and Inner Awakening by Fernand Schwarz


Book Description:
Plagued by a perpetual state of confusion caused by the unending triggers of the material realm, the human psyche is unable to filter through the distractions, in order to focus on identifying the eternal truth of the Self. As a result, rarely is a human being able to truly sense his sva-dharma, and tread The Path through life, towards achieving a personal destiny. This inescapable duty and responsibility, however, can only be accomplished by the elimination of constant mental confusion, and the development of self-control by way of fine-tuning the delicate Art of Concentration.

In his book, Fernand Schwarz, explores the practice of concentration through an in-depth analysis of Lama Blo-bzang Don-yod’s illustrations. Through Buddhist Symbolism, these works present the journey towards an enlightened consciousness, delineating the hurdles that need to be overcome with the help of simple physical and mental exercises. Come explore with us, this fascinating book, and the age-old secrets still alive today in the traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

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