Paradoxes – Photography works by Mr. Pierre Poulain

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Rangoli Metro Art Center, MG Road, Bangalore

A 3-day international photo exhibition by photographer and philosopher Mr. Pierre Poulain on the theme “Paradoxes” will be held at Rangoli Metro Center, Bengaluru.

“When one looks at a picture, the mind recognizes the objects and people in it. But the true meaning of a picture is beyond the reality of what one sees. The true meaning of a photograph is the sentiment behind it. Many photographers support their images with lengthy captions in a bid to describe this invisible sentiment. Yet, a photograph can never be about its description because the truth goes beyond it.”

For Pierre Poulain, photography is more of a philosophical and spiritual journey. Based in Israel, Pierre’s passion for street photography is supported by his strong views in the various philosophies of life. In 1986 he founded New Acropolis School of Philosophy in Israel and years after, his disciples carried on and founded NA centres in several other countries in Asia, South Africa, Oceania and North America.

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