The Acropolitan Jul – Sep 2015


acropolitan_jul_sepDear Reader,
The tapestry of human civilization has been decorated with a vivid design of mythologies that have become part of our culture since antiquity, providing texture, in the form of ethical education and direction through which to investigate timeless human values. History is replete with heroes who have stood up in defense of universal truths despite persecution, by dedicating their lives and work to the service of mankind.
These heroic individuals, whether mythological or historical, serve as inspirational examples, showcasing the potential of human ability that lies within our grasp. Investigation of mythological heroes like Arjuna, or even Neo
(The Matrix) from modern mythology, can awaken a heroic sentiment so rare in our times. What if such individuals were able to evoke the heroic spirit amongst human communities today? Armed with this spirit, and guided by an elevated consciousness, perhaps we could once again shed light on the deep philosophical meaning behind age-old cultural practices, beyond ritual. In this issue, we invite you to investigate this possibility.
-The Editorial Team
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