The Clarion Call Jul – Sep 2015


cc-june-sep-2015Dear Philosopher Reader,
The first issue of our magazine, The Clarion Call, is dedicated to all the practical 21st century philosophers of Bangalore who are still thirsty for pure water of meaningful and wise yet simple words. Our publication is a contemporary statement of ancient wisdom. It is just like the teachings in New Acropolis – ‘Old wine in new barrels’!
For the general knowledge of our readers, the journey in New Acropolis of an exploration towards ‘Life with Meaning’, truly happier and free, always starts with a fundamental individual discovery process, which we call the ‘Know Thyself’ – the Ethical process towards the Higher Self. Our journey continues later on with an adventure into the mysteries of the metaphysical laws of Nature.
The ‘Know Thyself’ philosophical process, that is also dealt to a certain extent in this issue of the magazine (in relation to the inner work of introspection and in regard to the individual path to happiness), if learned and experienced, is what will allow the individual to gradually liberate himself from suffering and ignorance, by being able to use one’s higher intelligence.
The Clarion Call is practically a calling to the Philosophers in our city to be inspired. We invite you to get on-board for a unique journey towards a happier and truly meaningful life!
Ran Kremer
Director, New Acropolis, Bangalore

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