Public Lecture on the Mysteries of the Ancient land of Egypt


On 12th September 2015 the New Acropolis Main Center in Colaba, Mumbai hosted a on the mysterious and vibrant Egyptian culture.
The lecturer spoke about the geographical context of Egypt to set the context for the history of the civilization. He went on to describe what we know of the Egyptian society in more detail highlighting also the meaning of the Pyramids, the Sphinx and the temples that have survived the test of the times. These monuments and the several archaeological findings allow us an insight into the ancient culture.

To understand the mystery of Egypt, was described as a journey to become familiar with ethical concepts of Egyptian society. The virtues of justice and sacredness were introduced as integral to the life of the ancient Egyptian. With the help of these concepts and illustrations from ancient Egypt, the lecturer described the high ethical and spiritual development that this mysterious civilization probably achieved, which can be an inspiration to us even today!