The Clarion Call Oct – Dec 2015


cc2Dear Reader,
Today, we live a fast paced life, as we juggle various roles we rush through life. We fill ourselves with activites, sometimes the need to fill up every minute is so important that we are lost when we do not have a ‘to do’ list. In this hurry we often lose our connection with each other. Often, the force that drives us is impatience and the anxiety to achieve results immediately. Then we wonder when the result is loneliness, and isolation.
We cherish moments when we feel connected to people around us, it is love that can make us feel the fraternity, the connections to those around us. We may often be irritated and annoyed by people in our lives but we may need to pause and think of the source of this feeling. Is the cause internal? Is it possible to create a world where each of us feels loved and cared for?
The love we talk of is not the romantic kind, nor is it the kind that is limited to family and friends. We aspire towards such a world, where everyone cares for each other. This edition includes the life of the Mahatma who was able to live universal love. We turn our focus towards Fraternity and explore facets of love and fraternity, the need for trust and the importance of friendship.

Happy reading.
Editor, Clarion Call


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