The Greatest Journey Of All – Philosophy


Rangoli Metro Art Center, M G Road Bangalore

Join our panel as we enter into a dialogue with eminent personalities from different vocations. Our guests represent each side of the ideals mentioned by Plato. They work with the eternal values of Good, Beauty, Justice and True. A Scholar, a Musician, a Scientist, a Leader and an Architect come together and share their philosophic journey. Although they work with different forms, through their lives we see that integrating and living philosophy is the key to wisdom.

It promises to be an exciting evening as they tell us of their experiences along their path. Together we explore the growing need for philosophy and its fascinating manifestation in various fields, towards building a world based on fraternity, harmony and peaceful coexistence.

Our Panel :

Mr. Prem chandavarkar, Managing Partner CnT Architects

Prof. C V Vishveshwara, Formerly Senior Professor, Indian Institute of Astrophysics

Prof. Mangala Kumari, Sanskrit Professor

Mr. V Ashok Kumar Actor, Musician

Mr. Ran Kremer, Director, New Acropolis Cultural Association, South India