The Acropolitan Jan – Mar 2016


acropolitanjan-mar2016Dear Reader,

The start of a new year is a good time to introspect and re-consider the direction our lives have taken. For many, the dreams and aspirations of our youth become but obscure distant memories, that fade away with each passing year.
But there exist among us a few unsung heroes, who muster up the courage to truly live the adventure of life, and embark upon an ethical voyage in search of an inner Excalibur, yearning to express the noblest of virtues in every realm of life – not by escaping into isolation, but by emerging victorious from the battles of daily life.
Classical traditions have suggested that this nobility is in fact the true nature of Man. It was
revived during the European Renaissance. And perhaps we can once again revive it today! We invite you this year, to Discover it, Awaken it’s principles that lie eternally within us, and
participate in Transforming our world.

– The Editorial Team

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