Women in Vedic times


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Women, seen as an embodiment of the Divine Feminine- ‘Shakti’, enjoyed  an enviable status in Ancient India during Vedic Times. Regarded as one of the most beautiful creations of nature, woman manifests in herself the ideals of love, beauty, compassion and wisdom. The Feminine Energy comprising of the ‘Yin’ was revered not just as Parvati, the ultimate householder but also as Durga and Kali who could protect through compassion and if required via the sword too.

Today’s society is a far cry from those Vedic Times where women walked hand in hand, and had a say in matters of the heart and world. “Those were the times when men and women freely mixed with each other in the society in India… when women entered into interesting conversations with men on equal grounds, when ladies not only received high education but even came forward and selected husbands for themselves”(as spoken by early 19th century philosopher and social reformer, Keshub Chandra at the Victoria Discussion Society, London, 1st Aug 1870).

We welcome you to celebrate Women’s Day as we travel through time to be inspired by the many facets of the Women of Vedic Society.