The Clarion Call Jan – Mar 2016


clarioncallJan-Mar2016Dear Reader,

New beginnings are times of optimism and joy. As we say good bye to the old year, it’s also time to reflect on the experiences of the year that just past. We follow nature’s cue in turning inward, as we move towards longer nights, there is a slowing down, it gives time to think. It is an opportunity to reflect, on things that matter, on things that are important to us, on nature.

With the new year we move towards to new beginnings. A time for new resolutions, a time to connect to wisdom, love, beauty and peace.

This issue celebrates a way of expressing these ideals. Can we find ways to find meaning in our lives and find a way to express it? Let us use this time to allow for new beginnings – to think, to act meaningfully, to really be alive to every moment, and find the right expression.

Wishing you all a meaningful, intense and happy year ahead.


Surekha Deepak
Editor, Clarion Call

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