Becoming a Smart Volunteer


A-0 Ground Floor, Connaught Mansion, Opp. Colaba Post Office, Colaba, Mumbai,

On 27th February 2016, New Acropolis (Main Centre) at Colaba hosted a talk on “Becoming a Smart Volunteer”. The talk probed into the world of volunteering work and its impact on our society. The world today, has a large number of philanthropic organizations spending time, money and effort around the globe. However, despite all these efforts, we have been unable to resolve age old issues such as malnutrition, poverty and hygiene. Participants were encouraged to reflect on what could be the real solution to this gap, where it seems like we are simply attacking the symptoms and not the root cause.

Ancient civilizations spoke about the purpose of life. In the Indian tradition it was described as Dharma. If we are aware of our own purpose we can truly work towards guiding and inspiring others. Therefore by practicing one’s purpose and fulfilling one’s role in society one becomes becomes an effective and beneficial volunteer.