The Acropolitan Apr – Jun 2016


the_acropolitan_apr_jun_2016Dear Reader,
Advancements in science and technology over the last century, demonstrate our innate motivation to push the boundaries in the quest of the material unknown. However, we are perhaps yet to make equal strides in the meta-physical plane, to give expression to the true potential of Man, beyond the material realm. Ancient traditions have unraveled these secrets and left their unearthed treasures in the nuances of language, in their ceremonious interactions with nature, and the ancient sciences.
There is a need, therefore, to dispel the obsessive desire for the new; for we may not need to invent anything new. Maybe our glory lies in re-illuminating ancient wisdom and discover their relevance and application to our own times. Because ultimately, Man has not fundamentally changed. And although fashions have evolved, language has transformed, and social media has enabled unprecedented real-time connectivity, we continue to ask the same fundamental questions: Who am I? What is my purpose? What does it truly mean to live?
Let us dare to investigate these existential questions, and reinstate the glory of the voyage of philosophy as a truly practical means by which to explore life. In this issue, we invite you to discover, awaken, and transform!

– The Editorial Team

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