The Clarion Call Apr – Jun 2016


cc_april2016Dear Reader,

In ancient Rome, mosaics were made using small pieces of marble, tiles, glass, pottery even shells, to create a pattern. Once the small pieces were stuck on to a base there is a process called grouting which fills all the gaps and holds the tiny pieces together. There is no uniformity in the pieces that go into making the mosaics, but they come together in harmony to create breathtaking beauty.

Almost like the Roman empire at its pinnacle of glory, with its many different cultures united under the rule and patronage of Rome. Can we use the symbols of the mosaic today to recreate this kind of harmony, where every piece makes an important contribution to the whole, but is not necessarily the same as the other.

On a personal level harmony comes from finding balance. Harmony is created when there is a balance between intention and action. We create tension when our intention point us towards one direction but all our actions pull us in the opposite direction. When we find the ‘satva’ or the balance we can be in perfect harmony, peace and happiness. We invite you to read on for more on finding harmony personally, in relationships, and ways to create a harmonized society.

Regards, Editorial Team,

Clarion Call

p.s. Our beautiful cover image is a mosaic artwork created by members of New Acropolis, Bangalore !

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