The Acropolitan Jul – Sep 2016


the_acropolitan_jul_sep_2016Dear Reader,
It is evident that ancient wisdom recognized the power of philosophy as a practical means by which to nurture meaning and fulfillment in life. In countless traditions, it was the axis around which education was imparted, so as to foster the tools that might enable citizens to give expression to the best of their potential, and help each individual to develop an attitude of wonder at the magical unity that permeates all realms of Life.
For an aspiring philosopher therefore, philosophy was not a hobby, nor intellectual stimulation. It was never intended to be a theoretical or academic faculty, lacking relevance or application in life. Instead, it was the art of living – integrated into every aspect of life, all the time, everywhere – a state of being. Through it, a businessman, treading the thin line of balance between his personal and professional obligations might find lasting solutions. It might motivate corporate leaders to re-consider their social responsibilities. And in its practice, an athlete might find the will to develop discipline, perseverance and excellence.
Might we dare to take responsibility, and improve the human condition through a philosophical revolution…to seize our freedom, our immortality, and break the materialistic shackles of illusion? Lets each, do his/her own little bit.

– The Editorial Team

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