The Acropolitan Oct – Dec 2016


the_acropolitan_oct_dec_2016Dear Reader,

On 2nd November 2016, New Acropolis Cultural Organization joyously celebrates its 10th Anniversary in India. This milestone marks ten years of a special philosophical fraternity, collectively devoted to building a new and better Humanity for a new and better World.

Humanity has gathered a vast treasure through her past, embedded in the astounding diversity of languages, cultures, and religions that have emerged from her unwavered yearning to discover her role in the cosmic order of Life. The value of this treasure can only really be appreciated, however, through our ability to grasp the shared aspiration for Truth that fundamentally unites the seemingly unrelated traditions of our past.

To do so, we must learn the language of the Soul, its chief attribute: Harmony – amongst individuals in Society, with the Soil that nurtures us, and within every human being, harmonizing actions with the voice of one’s own conscience. Through education, and through the true spirit of volunteering, we might revive these principles, and experience once again the Unity of our essence. We must but start this adventure. For after all, “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step.” (Lau Tzu).


– The Editorial Team

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