Philosophical Visit to Dharamsala


In October 2016, a team of over 70 members of New Acropolis, from India, Spain, Japan and Israel visited places of historical and cultural interest in and around Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh. The participants of this expedition had the opportunity to learn and experience the rich heritage of Tibet, its art, craft, philosophy, religion through various institutions, museums, monasteries they visited.
Through these visits, interaction and classes, members were able to draw insights on a wide range of topics, making their journey a true experience of the meaning of the name Dharamsala or “spiritual dwelling”. Participants spent time together, trekking, sharing heartfelt stories, songs and experiences, strengthening the founding pillar of Fraternity.

Being such a memorable trip, all the travelers brought back memories of Dharamsala away in their hearts…others left their hearts in Dharamsala, ready to go back at the first opportunity.