Courage and Service: Spirit of the Samurai


#261, 6th cross, Indiranagar 1st stage, Bangalore - 38

While in the very act of fighting a gruesome battle, it is said that the Samurai were able to recite beautiful poetry. At their prime, these warrior people of Japan were driven not by greed, hate, or lust, but by a beautiful code of conduct called Bushido, that required them to develop virtues such as Justice, Courage, and Mercy.

In fact, their expert skill is often attributed to their inner strength of character. Even the word ‘Samurai’ translates to ‘one who serves’.

This talk will attempt to take you to this unique civilization, in which each individual transformed and served a higher selfless purpose. Such a transformation is relevant, indeed possible, in each of our own lives.

Date: Saturday 26th November
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Venue: New Acropolis

* Lecture.
* Free Admission.
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