The Clarion Call Oct – Dec 2016


cc_oct_dec_2016Dear Reader,

It gives us immense joy to bring to you another beautiful edition of our quarterly magazine.

What does it take to truly create an atmosphere of harmony and peaceful coexistence? We are nudged to reflect on this question with a sense of urgency as we see our world sliding into one conflict or the other. From news channels flashing on a daily basis with wars and bombings, terrorist attacks to increasing divorces, increasing sense of isolation and loneliness in our lives, we see the human conflict taking shape with an increasing intensity.

Can we look for answers to this seemingly eternal issue of human conflict by looking at merely external solutions, an approach which seems to have failed miserably; or could we finally start going inwards, looking closely at ourselves and the nature of our relationships with others? We leave you with that question to ponder over.

Editorial Team
The Clarion Call

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