Performance Evening : A Musical Dialogue


On 22nd January , 2017, New Acropolis main centre at Colaba had the pleasure of hosting Hindustani Vocalist Jayanthi Nayak for a cultural evening titled  ‘A Musical Dialogue’. Attended by over 60 people, the event aimed at showcasing the philosophy embedded in Indian Classical music .

 Jayanthi who was accompanied by Abhay Datar on Tabla and Kedar Bhagvat on harmonium, performed through the genre of Raagdhari sangeet Khyal gayaki. She proposed how Indian classical music has a constant dialogue which needs two participants, a speaker and an active listener.  Through her performance she explained the importance of expressing the concept of harmony. She emphasised, that while harmony is expressed through and between artists on stage, the essence lies firstly in expressing harmony internally within the artist, only then, can this in turn, touch the hearts of the audience.

Jayanthi explained the endeavour of the artist to bring a holistic experience to the listener using a structure, not  by words alone but also the concept of Rasa or Essence, which allows more depth. She demonstrated how music can transcend words, by singing the same lyrics in two different Rasas transmitting a completely different experience, and by communicating the Rasa of joy through a Tarana (composition) without words.

According to her, the aim of most of Indian Classical music is to go beyond words, a life long endeavour aimed at raising the audience to a space of reflection of the Rasa. Through the performance she showcased how the main dialogue, underlying the expression is the internal quest, a meditative act, of the artist for a higher meaning, purpose, for a unity with the universe. Closing the evening, Jayanthi ended with beautiful words to reflect on “The quest is eternal, the paths are many, and the journey is beautiful”