Workshop on the Philosophy of Ecology


New Acropolis main centre at Colaba hosted a seminar titled “The Philosophy of Ecology” on Sunday, 5th February 2017. The seminar commenced with a reflection on the current state of our planet with global warming, increasing natural disasters, loss of biodiversity and an evident change in weather patterns that have all become inevitable truths of our age. As our environment changes, there is a need to bring about a change in our awareness of the situation to create sustainable solutions to these problems.

The seminar proposed how perhaps, the first step lies in the need to understand man’s role and place in nature; looking at ourselves as an integral part of the interconnected web of life rather than as its centre. Besides practices such as recycling and composting, the key is to initiate an internal change of attitude to make significant changes to our eco system, without which all initiatives will remain superficial.

The seminar used examples from different cultural traditions, together with practical exercises and excerpts from the film “Samsara”, ending with a hands-on upcycling activity crafting thrown away glass bottles into aesthetic planters.