Celebrating Rumi


“If you are irritated by every rub, how will you ever be polished?” This quote by the 13th century mystic Jalal-ad-din Rumi, speaks volumes about him not only as a poet, but also as a Philosopher delving into the universal questions of life. To explore his work, New Acropolis main centre at Colaba hosted a talk titled “Evening with Rumi” on 18 February 2017. Attended by over 110 people, the speaker investigated Rumi’s ability to grasp and transmit the mysteries of life through his poetry. Rumi invites us to use love as a force to transform ourselves and the world around us. It is only by letting go of self-obsession – the personal which is transient – that we can truly understand what we can become and expand our sphere of love as Rumi suggested we do. The talk investigated the meaning of life , as an expression of the divine, full of love, compassion and kindness and exhorted that by extracting these virtues, we might be able to unite our world, make it a little kinder, more generous and compassionate.
The talk ended with a collective singing of a beautiful Rumi poem that left participants in high spirits.