A New Wall, A New Message- Spreading Generosity


A group of over 40 volunteers comprising of members of New Acropolis (Mumbai),and volunteers from UPS and KPMG spent the sunny weekend of 18th and 19th February 2017 beautifying a public wall in Colaba. Volunteers plastered, whitewashed and painted this wall with the inspiring message of “Generosity” in English and its equivalent “Udarta” in Hindi / Marathi.

With this wall New Acropolis continued their initiative aimed not only at beautification, but also at spreading a philosophic message to society. Says Ubai Husein, Secretary of the Active Ecology Department at New Acropolis, “The idea behind this wall is an attempt to remind us as human beings of one of the fundamental human virtues of generosity. If this message inspires even one passer-by a day to a small act of generosity, we will have achieved a great deal”.

This wall is the fourth among such successful painting drives, the others bearing messages of Hope, Harmony, and Truth. Each of these messages remind us of fundamental human values we can aspire towards, in the process becoming better human beings while at the same time being active citizens who take up the responsibility of our immediate neighbourhoods.