Classical Indian Dance workshop by Miti Desai


New Acropolis #261, 6th cross, Indiranagar 1st stage, Bangalore - 38

Miti 4

The Indian culture has devised a magnificent form which has emerged out of a philosophy of life and an engagement with which (as a practitioner & audience) lends itself to a possibility of connecting back to ones own inner centre. Indian dance travels through the realm of mythology, symbols and pierces into stories, into principles, into faith and devotion through a scientific and experiential engagement with the body.

The workshop will be a practical engagement with the dance form giving a glimpse into the constant, simultaneous, alternative & interspersed relationship of the inner & outer body. The session will penetrate into the philosophy, content and relevance for the Classical Indian dance through a participatory format. The form becomes a medium to transcend from the regional traditional into the universal eternal.

The dance expression will be through the form of Mohiniattam.

Mohiniattam is a a dance style from Kerela (Southern India); ‘Mohiniattam’ literally means ‘the dance of the enchantress’. With a subtle and introverted aesthetic the style manifests through a circular geometry enhanced with swinging and swaying movements. With a rich mimetic tradition the form penetrates into and through the feminine energy.

Date: Sunday, 26th March
Time: 10 am to 1 pm
Venue: New Acropolis
Registration fee: Rs. 1250

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Dress code : Loose comfortable clothing- Indian wear/long shirt/kurta with comfortable pants. A dupatta to tie around the waist.

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