Enchanted Avalon: A Ladies Evening


On Saturday, 25th February, the ladies of New Acropolis main centre at Colaba came together for a special evening themed “Enchanted Avalon”. According to the Arthurian myth, Avalon was a sacred and mystical island, not far away from its seeker, but difficult to see because it was always enveloped in thick mists. However, it was said that if an individual called out to it with a pure heart, the mists could be lifted, allowing one to enter this magical space.

The evening started with a concentration exercise.  A flower arrangement session intended develop a sensitivity to aesthetic and beauty, and a poetry reading to evoke love and fraternity were highlights of the evening. This was followed by a sumptuous pot luck dinner.

These few hours spent together were a gentle reminder of our humble ability to bring depth, love and beauty into our daily lives!