The Acropolitan Apr – Jun 2017


ta_q2_2017Dear Reader,

As we look out to the horizon, and drink the gentle beams of the tropical spring sun, a mysterious thirst remains unquenched; the parched throat yearns for nectar, unsatiated by the material comforts that emerge from the industrialized advancements made through humanity’s recent past. It’s as if an inner voice whispers that there must be something more – beyond the race for comforts, fame, financial gain, and successful careers.

Perhaps this whispering voice functions like an inner ethical compass, directing the path to our true home, our true state of being, characterized by beauty, harmony, fraternity, and collective wellbeing. Individuals since the beginning of time have dared to embark on this voyage; some by unraveling clues that lay waiting to be revealed in the natural world of symbols, some in their attempt to grasp and express beauty as in the way of an artist, and some who are compelled to engage with society, to empower individuals to effect real sustainable change in the way we choose to live our lives.

Some might insist that we must allow life to play itself out. And sometimes, this is true. But there are also times that need us to interfere and take responsibility for initiating change. What an adventure it might be to find this balance – and to return home! To truly Discover ourselves. To Awaken our potential. And to Transform our world.

Harianto H Mehta, Editor

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