Roots of Kuchipudi – A Classical Performance


New Acropolis main centre in Colaba was temporarily transformed into a vibrant dance hall, to host a performance titled ‘Roots of Kuchipudi’ on 21 May 2017. The dance recital was performed by Vaidehi Kulkarni, a Kuchipudi exponent, who perseveres to preserve and showcase this art form. Vaidehi, who started her practice at the young age of 4 under renowned masters, shared her journey and her experience. Over 50 attendees, through the performance explored the journey of  the artist, who through the process of perfecting the dance, attempts at perfecting oneself, and being a bridge to the divine.

Sangeeta Iyer, a member of New Acropolis, described her experience as “most inspiring to see the commitment Vaidehi has nurtured over the years that clearly reflects in every emotion of her dance moves.”