A Timeless Journey through Sacred Architecture


New Acropolis (Khar). Ashray Bungalow, 2nd Flr. 19th Road. Between 13th Rd. and Khar Danda Road. Khar (W). Mumbai.

The Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat, and many other such magnificent monuments are our legacy. Is the glory of these monuments limited to what we see? Or are they capsules of wisdom waiting to be unraveled? Perhaps they capture an astonishing understanding of the Universe. Through this presentation, we will journey through the tenets of Sacred Architecture that might have some implication for us today.

Seating on first-come-first basis.

To find us, please type “New Acropolis Khar” into Google Maps.

Image Courtesy: by HypnoArt | pixabay | CC0 PD