Philosophical Cycle Ride


Cycling on Sunday morning in the south of Mumbai can be very educational.

So learnt the participants of the “Philosophy on Wheels” bicycle tour on Sunday 9 July 2017. Members of New Acropolis Colaba center and Khar branch had fun cycling and appreciating the different styles of architecture (Victorian, Gothic, Indo Saracenic, Art Deco) of some of South Mumbai’s iconic buildings.  Cycling through with wide empty roads in the early morning, participants also got a feel of what the city would have looked like a hundred years ago. Starting off with the serene Afghan Church, to the glamorous the Taj Mahal hotel, to the imposing town hall, members saw their city in a new light! 

The Sunday morning excursion was made complete with the “must haves” of Brun Maska and Irani chai at a quintessential Irani bakery.