Bringing meaning to our communication


In the age of fast paced technology in communication, are we communicating more effectively – with more meaning? On 19th August 2017, a lecture at New Acropolis Main Centre, Colaba explored this through the topic – “Look who’s talking – Communication in the 21st Century”
Attendees of the lecture were guided through some maybe forgotten aspects of communication with the help of guided exercises. The talk emphasized on the importance of understanding what we do have to share, how to communicate appropriately and finally making sure the recipient has received the message as intended. It was observed that we often tend to listen to reply. Good communication occurs only when we listen to understand.
The talk concluded with the message that maybe life communicates with us. It was proposed that if understood correctly, the principle of “Karma” embodies how life communicates with us. As human beings we have the freedom to choose our actions, with responsibility.