The Philosophy of Ecology


New Acropolis Colaba Center A-0, Connaught Mansions, Colaba, near Colaba Post Office, Mumbai - 400005

Our world is facing an ecological crisis and cannot sustain our lifestyles for very much longer. Something drastic needs to done. 

Through this seminar, we will look into the history of humanity, see how civilizations of the past lived in harmony with the environment, try to get a wider perspective about our individual roles and see how this can help in caring for the environment today. 

This seminar will comprise of an interactive talk followed by a hands-on session on setting-up your own kitchen garden from upcycled waste materials.

Registration Compulsory :

Seminar is free to attend

Lunch will be provided at a minimal cost

For queries contact: 

Ubai Husein: +91-9920018204

Omkar Jadhav: +91-9892186550


To get directions to our Main Centre in Colaba type “New Acropolis Cultural Organization” into Google Maps.