All the World’s a Stage : Theatre beyond Entertainment


New Acropolis (Khar). Ashray Bungalow, 2nd Flr. 19th Road. Between 13th Rd. and Khar Danda Road. Khar (W). Mumbai.

To participate in the theatre as an actor or audience was an essential part of being a citizen of the state in ancient Greece. In any form of theatre, the artiste or actor enacts a role and for a few moments adopts the character that he plays. Don’t we also wear many masks in life, playing many roles?

In this lecture cum theatre workshop called “All the World’s a Stage” we will explore some basics of theatre, and also the right spirit with which to do justice to the many roles that we play.

Seating on a first come first served basis.

To find us, please type “New Acropolis Khar” into Google Maps.