Dussera – Overcoming Obstacles (Ganesh Murti Nagar)


Dussehra marks the rise of good over evil. It is believed that the festival signifies how one can get over our obstacles and emerge successful and victorious. On October 2nd 2017, volunteers of New Acropolis India visited residents of Ganesh Murti Nagar slums to talk about the practical implications of the mythology of the festival in our lives.

Through skits and drawing activities for children, volunteers drew a connection with the virtues that the festival represents. They explored how these virtues could help the children overcome some common bad habits. The children also learned to up-cycle waste by making plant holders from plastic bottles. They each plated saplings which they would then take care of. Women residents got together to learnt how to make ‘torans’ or buntings from the crepe paper.

The activities concluded with sharing of some sweetmeat and snacks.

Subsequently, volunteers did a follow up visit wherein the ladies came to show some more flowers that they had made. Children too showed their off the plants that they were now taking care of.