The Acropolitan Oct – Dec 2017


Dear Reader,

Often, perhaps, we find ourselves imprisoned by time. Caught up in the many things that we need to get done, we fail to get to the things that, in our hearts, we know we really ought to be doing. We say we don’t find the time. Or that we shall get to it one day in the unknown distant future, after all our other obligations have been met. Rarely do we take a moment to stop and reflect; to consider the essence that lies at the heart of the things that we do. What is my true goal? Who am I? What does it mean to be a human being?

To answer these most fundamental human questions, bequeathed to us is the treasure trove of our collective human heritage comprising the arts, sciences and religions. Let us dare to awaken our own idealist spirit – with the courage to investigate these modes of human expressions, seeking to illuminate the enigmas of life, motivated by a yearning for Truth, which lies at the heart of all human endeavors. Let us dare to Discover, Awaken, and Transform. To BE.

Harianto H Mehta,

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