Reforesting Activity at Sanjay Gandhi National Park


On Sunday the 15th of October, 2017, volunteers from across the city gathered at Sanjay Gandhi National Park for a tree maintenance and rejuvenation activity. Conducted by New Acropolis India, this was a follow-up to a tree plantation activity conducted on 2nd July. This series of activities carry the motto of “Helping Mumbai Breathe”

Volunteers teamed up to clear the thick blanket of natural grasses, weeds and shrub that sprung up post the rains around the saplings and which when dry are an active medium for the spread of forest fires which could cause a setback to the entire reforestation effort.

While the volunteers got a first-hand experience of working among thick foliage, the bigger lesson was that planting a single tree is just the first step. Much care and effort is required to ensure that the planted saplings survive and grow into trees and become a part of a living and thriving jungle.

The 1st Phase of the activity was conducted at the beginning of the monsoon where volunteers supported the plantation of more than 350 trees over a 3 day period in the same section of the park.