Talk and Dinner with Yaron Barzilay


On 28th October 2017, New Acropolis hosted an event for the group of Friends of New Acropolis – A talk and dinner with the National Director of New Acropolis (India), Yaron Barzilay. The evening was with the theme – “Can Philosophy help to transform our lives?”

National Director, Yaron Barzilay spoke, citing his personal example of the practical role of Philosophy in our lives. The talk was followed by a toast to the 11th Anniversary of New Acropolis in India. The participants interacted with Yaron and other members of New Acropolis over a sit-down dinner.

Friends of New Acropolis is a circle of liked-minded thinkers and doers, who share a love of philosophy. Those who are looking for meaning and inspiration in their lives. Those who share the principles of New Acropolis: Fraternity, Knowledge  & Development. We offer twelve carefully curated, highly interactive events a year, around Philosophy, Culture & Volunteering, all with a philosophical lens with one event every month. To sign up and know more visit :