World Philosophy Day 2017 – Empowering Real Change – Philosophy and Art


On 16th November, more than 200 people attended a panel discussion in celebration of UNESCO World Philosophy Day 2017. The event was curated by New Acropolis (India) in association with the National Gallery of Modern Art (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India).

The panel comprised of Philosopher & photographer Pierre Poulain, classical dancer Miti Desai, the Founder of the Kabir Project Shabnam Virmani. This was moderated by the National Director of New Acropolis (India) Yaron Barzilay. The topic for the panel was – “Empowering Real Change – Philosophy and Art”

The panelists elaborated the philosophical connect that underlines their various artistic expressions through principles, anecdotes and a sharing of their life journey.

Pierre Poulain introduced a new book authored by him called “After the Fall, History Continues…”. This was followed by a rendition of Kabir doha’s by Shabnam Virmani, and a Mohiniyattam performance by Miti Desai.

World Philosophy Day 2017 – watch the full video: