Women’s Evening at Ganesh Murthy Nagar


New Acropolis India launched the “Share Joy and Hope” initiative with a Women’s Evening on 16th December. The event was a lively and warm interaction between women members of Main Centre, Colaba and the women of Ganesh Murthy Nagar.

23 women from the slums and 20  volunteers shared their personal stories and got to know each other through activities of song, dance and humor. The activities were simple, energetic and intimate. The lesson of simplicity was clear and one of the ladies commented saying “This simple activity also teaches us how to lead our lives”

Although initially shy, the women opened up and talked about the challenges they have faced and overcome. Moments of fear and grief, memories of joy; aspirations and hopes were shared by the ladies with little hesitation. This was followed by a dance of simple, synchronized steps to help the women lower their inhibitions and be in the moment.