Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness


New Acropolis (Khar). Ashray Bungalow, 2nd Flr. 19th Road. Between 13th Rd. and Khar Danda Road. Khar (W). Mumbai.

Success and happiness have been the pursuit of the human being through the ages, and yet it feels as though both liberty and happiness elude us today. What does it truly mean to Live? What is the source of Liberty and Happiness? Maybe its not a formula, but an Art!
This talk is a sneak peek into our flagship Practical Philosophy course “Living Philosophy – Discover. Awaken. Transform.” Starting on 19th Feb at Khar and 27th Feb at Colaba which speak about eternal principles practical to our lives today!

Seating on a first come first served basis.

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To find us, please type “New Acropolis Khar” into Google Maps.