The Acropolitan Jan – Mar 2018


Dear Reader,

As we turn the leaf to 2018, it is a good time to reflect on the underlying goals that fuel the completion of the countless items on our ever growing list of To-dos. Are we simply running, aimlessly trapped in the busy doing of a variety of daily tasks?

A few amongst us seek a larger purpose, by which to make life more meaningful…and dare to seek answers to our most fundamental human questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the role I am supposed to play?

To begin to answer these questions is to embark upon the most exciting life-long adventure, to scale our innermost summit, in order to reveal the true light of the human spirit. On this summit lies the virtue of courage that enables us to dare to dream of a new and better world despite our challenging circumstances. It is there that we find perseverance and determination, by which we empower ourselves to bring about real change. And there, perched atop that inner summit, lie compassion, generosity, and kindfulness, our most defining human attributes.

Let us resolve to plant new seeds of hope through the upcoming year, by setting off on a voyage of a lifetime! For that is the need of the hour!

Harianto H Mehta, Editor

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