Celebrating Rumi’s Poetry


On Sunday, 21st January 2018, a very special evening event dedicated to the timeless poetry of Maulana Jalalludin Mohammad Rumi, entitled “That Which You Seek” was conducted the circle of “Friends of New Acropolis”. Curated by the Publications Department within New Acropolis India, the evening began with an exploration of Rumi’s life, and what he describes as the intense transformative power of Love beyond mere emotional sentimentality. Each member of the team recited poetry to the sound of the Ney flute, and also shared some personal investigation.

During a short break participants were treated to a spread of delicious Turkish dishes, while they reflected on a few of Rumi’s poems as groups. Each group was invited to share insights; it was inspiring to see how quickly and effortlessly participants were able to connect with and draw insight from Rumi’s work.