The Clarion Call Jan – Mar 2018


Dear Reader,

Continuing with the theme of change from the last edition of the Clarion Call (themed Yearning for Change), we take a closer look at the idea of profound changes in the world arising from changes within. As we ring in the new year, it is perhaps an apt moment to go deeper with the essence of a new beginning – the opportunities it offers us, and how we can bring about such a renewal in our own lives, in a deep and profound manner.

With the passing of the Winter Solstice in the latter part of December, there is a gradual but inexorable movement in nature towards the new life and warmth that comes with Spring. Ancient wisdom points to similar movement and cycles that human society goes through – the Spring of civilisation is the Renaissance, which brings new light and life after the frigid winter of the Dark ages. But the Renaissance is not automatic- it requires agents of change, those who will bring the

Renaissance in society. And the starting point of that, again, is the ability to bring change to one’s own life. It is the Inner Renaissance that heralds new beginnings in the world around us.

Here’s to New Beginnings – the Inner Renaissance!

Happy Reading!

Anand Baskaran Editor – The Clarion Call

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