An afternoon with special children


On Tuesday, 21st February 2018, 8 volunteers from New Acropolis, Colaba spent an afternoon with the children of ADAPT ( Able Disabled All People Together), a school in Navy Nagar in Mumbai. The activity was  to engage the children with baking chocolate biscuits; to help them have a new experience and learning.

The children, some of whom were in a wheelchair, and others who were challenged with speech, patiently waited their turn, and the volunteers remarked that this composure and maturity was indeed an inspiration. As each child came forward to make his own chocolate biscuit,  he was cheered on and encouraged by the others. The entire group cajoled and encouraged one particularly shy girl and made sure that the wheelchair did not hold her back from making and wrapping her own biscuit!

The joy in learning, sharing, the camaraderie,  and simple generosity made the afternoon special for the participants and the volunteers alike.