The Acropolitan Apr – Jun 2018


Dear Reader,

As life blooms all around, singing the arrival of the Spring, the philosopher can’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty with which Nature adorns herself. It is as if She is celebrating the departure of the old, by rejuvenating, and colorfully extending her invitation to a renewed order. How delightful that around the globe, human civilizations were able to find ways to be able to participate in this moment of transition, through festivals such as holi or purim. Although different in the way they are celebrated, each of these holidays symbolize the chaotic scattering of the old, clearing the way for the arrival of the new.

It is an opportunity for us to deepen our investigation of life! Whether by traveling across continents to explore enchanting corners of the Amazon Rainforest, or even just the simple run to the convenience store around the corner, to pick up your favorite snack – each can be enriching, insightful, and transformative – if only we dare to live every moment with more meaning, depth, consciousness. In doing so, perhaps we might stumble upon our own potential for generosity, for compassion, for justice – virtues that formed the very spirit of chivalry that enabled man to govern himself, rather than be enslaved by erratic emotions and thoughts.

Let us use the blossoming of life as the impulse to nurture the blossoming of human virtue. Let us empower ourselves to pave the way for the onset of a new Golden Age. Let us dare to Discover, Awaken, and Transform.

Harianto H Mehta. Editor.

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