First Aid Training – Certified Course


New Acropolis Colaba Center A-0, Connaught Mansions, Colaba, near Colaba Post Office, Mumbai – 400005

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone around you is in need to immediate medical attention and you were unable to help that person, because you didn’t know how, or were just overwhelmed by situation?

Come learn First-Aid, learn how to deal with day to day emergency situations., It will not only make you more confident to deal with emergencies you find yourself in but most importantly in order to be of assistance to others in need. Learn about practical solutions to deal with medical emergencies that we deal with on a DAY to DAY basis; like Burns, Cuts, Bruises, and Choking. There will also be Hands on CPR Training (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), applied in case of heart failure; which is a major reason for sudden death these days

Don’t let life pass you by, by being a silent bystander. Become that daily hero, help someone in a time of emergency. Learn First aid, you never know, your timely correct action could make the difference between life and death for someone.

The seminar is a ‘Certificated’; conducted by the Life Supporters Institute of Health Sciences (LIHS), a Govt. recognised First Aid trainer.

A trained First Aider is a person who changes himself in order to bring about a positive change the world.

Cost: Rs. 2100 Per Participant to be paid at the venue

For Registrations call Ubai Husein on +91 99200 18204

A Simple Vegetarian Lunch will be served as part of the seminar.