Balancing the work-life tightrope


When it comes to striking a work-life balance, we often have the tendency to look at ourselves as victims of fate. To break this illusion, New Acropolis (Main Centre) at Colaba hosted an interactive talk on 7th April 2018 titled “The Secret of a Work-Life Balance”. The talk proposed how one might strive to harmonize both aspects of our lives by gaining more understanding of who we are and our real purpose. By gaining the ability to discern between the temporary and the permanent, we cultivate right goals and create a center in life. This clarity helps dissolve the struggle. We are able to reorganise our life in a way that helps us manage the anxiety that comes with the imbalance and are able to bring in our hearts peace and joy.

The talk ended with practical examples of how this idea can be brought into our day today, by living with more meaning to our work and to our life.